Canna-B's Roadmap

Building an educated future for the responsible cannabis industry

January 2017

Registration of Company

Canna-B’s mother company is founded and headquarters established in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Branding for the company started and the need for Cannabis Industry software in Puerto Rico became one of it’s first projects.

March 2017

Canna-B's Domain and Name

The product’s name Canna-B was selected and domain name rights were obtained.

July 2017

Healthcare Ecosystem Integration

The Personal Health Information and Clinical Management Systems were the next ecosystems to be integrated into the platform. Portals for Patients and Doctors.

September 2017

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Maria

December 2017

European App Economy Congress

The Company presented at the event in Milan Italy, being the only participants representing the Americas. The keynote conference: Building a Company, Surviving a Hurricane and Developing without electricity.

April 2018

Canna-B's Website Launch

On 4/20 Canna-B launched it’s website with a Content Management ecosystem that inlcluded Directories, Catalogs, Articles, Polls and News.

July 2018

BLOG: Desde mi perspectiva
/From my perspective

A Blog series by Nicolas Rodriguez. From Dispensary to Cannabis Doctors visits, Nicolas takes us to the Cannabis world in Puerto Rico

February 2017

Canna-B's Project initiated

Assessments were completed to understand the Medical Cannabis Industry needs in Puerto Rico. Product name selection began, along with domain names inquiries.

May 2017

Content Management Ecosystem Integration

The Content Management System became the first ecosystem to be integrated in the Canna-B’s platform.

August 2017

Canna-B Dispensary App BETA

The Canna-B Dispensary App was developed was released for testing. It includes products catalog, loyalty, rewards and coupons along with direct messages.

September-December 2017

No internet

No electricity

Flooded Headquarters

Headquarters were greatly affected after hurricanes. The lack of electricity and internet affected operations but we kept  going.

January 2018

eCommerce Ecosystem Integration

eCommerce ecosystem into Canna-B becomes a reality. Cannabis laws and regulations are also integrated into the platform.

June 2018

Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo 2018

Canna-B will be participating as a VIP guest at the CWCBExpo 2018 in New York from May 30- June 2.

Online Catalog and Direct Messages Release

Local Dispensaries will be able to display products Catalog online. Cannabis Doctors will have direct messaging options for patients.